Family ministry with kids

Family ministry with kids is awesome!  Our kids are filled with lots of questions!  Below you will find conversation starters and answer to some spiritual questions!  Everything we say is backed up with spiritual reference!  Just click what topic you would like to know more about!

Family resources for Pre-School and Under

The goal of this page is to help families connect to Jesus through some recommended resources.

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  • It's just a phase so don't miss it

    Every Church knows that kids matter.  A better question is Does your church act like every kid matters at every phase.  A phase is a time frame in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future.  

    From the whining infant, the dramatic fifth grader, and the stressed out tenth grader.  This book will hit on every single phase and what that phase needs.  

  • Parenting beyond your capactiy

    Engage your family in a bigger story, a story that involves more than just your family-one that involves other influences who are on a journey to discover why a relationship with God really matters.  We want to encourage you to establish a lifestyle as a parent in which you...

    1-Invite others to invest in your children so your sons and daughters have other voices that will help shape and determine the direction of their lives.

    2- Create a culture of unconditional love to fuel the emotional and morel health of your children.

    3- Tap into the power of quality moments together, building a sense of purpose through everyday experiences.

    This isn't a self-help book.  It's a get-help book.  It's about how you can increase your parenting capacity by connecting with available resources, some of which you know about and some you might not.

  • Don't miss it: Parent like Every week counts

    It goes by fast.  The responsibility to shape a child's faith and character can seem overwhelming.

    If you are a parent, you have probably realized by now that you can't make a toddler share, can't force a child to have faith, and can't compel a teenager to make smart decisions.  But there is something you can do.  you can make this week count.  And then do it again, and again.  What you understand about your kids now has the potential to change their future.  So don't miss it.

  • Taking the Plunge! and I took the plunge now what?

    Finally! A great resource for upper elementary and "tween" students who are considering baptism or need direction post baptism.  

    Chris Gabbard, author of this resource, feels that too often, kids make the decision to follow Jesus, but don't know what to do next.  This resource will help students know why they believe, what to believe, and what to do about it.

  • Faith begins at home

    Faith Begins At Home is a book for parents that inspires, motivates, and equips them to pass on their faith in god to their children.  Starting with practical teaching tips from infancy and beyond, this book is a must read for families that wish to instill a lasting faith in Jesus Christ in their children.

  • God's names

    An Ideal tool for parents to teach their elementary age children about God's character expressed through his names in the Bible.  Each chapter ends with personal application and activity.

  • God's Very good design

    In her second book, Mary Flo Ridley equips parents with God's word for foundational conversations with your children.  These conversations will not be about the complicated things just yet, but about this beauty and boundaries of God's design!  Read sample conversations and have a plan for explainingsex that is both natural and scriptural.  god's Very Good Design will help you find your voice on this important topic.

  • The Faith girlz ! bible

    Nancy Pue is a Christian author and speaker, specifically targeting the "tween" girl audience.  She has written numerous books for "tween" girls to enjoy focusing on body image and faith.  She also has several fiction novels as well.  Nancy Rue is most known for her work with Faith Girlz ministry and Faith Girlz Bibles.

  • God, I need to talk to you about bullying

    Child friendly illustrations and situations help children become aware of behaviors and how to deal with problems by going to God in prayer.  This books show that all sin can be forgiven by God.  The books encourage the kids to go to God in prayer.  Helpful Scriptures lead children through along the way.  There are over 20 books, and all can be read in less than 7 minutes.

  • Grace based parenting

    Parents in our post-modern world tend to be committed to, but anxious about their child-rearing responsibilities.  They have tried countless parenting books on the market telling moms and dads what to do and how to do it.  Many of these are rigid, fear-based books that leave a large number of parents feeling directionless.  Now there is a grace based solution from Dr. Tim Kimmel, founder of Family Matters ministries.  Grace Based Parenting is a refreshing book divided into two parts: 

    1- The needs we are trying to meet in our children. 

    2- The delivery system for how we meet them.

    Kimmel recommends creating a grace-based home environment that allows children to meet their full potential, to parent children in the same way God parents us.  He presents a child's true needs according to Scripture, and provides parents a realistic, doable way to meet them.  The result is spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence. 

  • Raising a modern-day Joseph

    It seems today's youth are ill equipped to endure a faithless culture.  Worse, research shows that young people are abandoning the church in record numbers.  So how can we forge sons and daughters of faith and fortitude?  The vital answers are found in the story of Joseph in the bible.  Drawing from five key threads in Joseph's life, Larry Fowler delivers a powerful plan for building a foundation of faith in our teens.  Ideal for both parents and youth leaders, Raising a Modern Day Joseph is an essential guide for raising a generation who will know, love, and serve Jesus Christ