Kentucky Road Christian church

Welcome to Kentucky Road Family Ministry, we have one main objective: connecting families to God and to one another.  It is our pleasure to partner with you in ministry as we seek to raise up a generation of people who are completely passionate about following Christ and His mission.  We truly believe as the Church and the family unite together they will be stronger than they could ever be by ourselves.

Need some ideas on how to talk with your kids?  Need some topics to talk about as you go to the zoo or go bowling?  Check out our Family Ministry kids section to find some great tools parenting your kids!

Teenagers are a blast and they also cause a huge headache.  Mood swings, dating, school, college soon, time is flying by!  What do you do!

We have created some resources for you!  We have created some tough questions that your teenager might ask or wonder about and we have found some resources that will help you become the best parent possible!

Marriage is hard!  It takes work to have a successful marriage.  We have created some tools to help you and your spouse have a successful marriage.  We even given you some date ideas on how to rekindle that love you first had or to help your love grow stronger!

As grandparents you may feel like you have done a lot, and you probably have!  But God is not done with you yet!  God has a purpose for grandparents in the family!  You have a role to play still!  Find out what that role is and what you can do to help your family!