Jesus came to the world to show how to live and to teach people God’s standards. In Luke, we come across a short sermon that gives the basics of Jesus’s teaching. We call it the Sermon the Plain. Within this sermon, we see the essence of Jesus’s teaching. If we live by this sermon, we will find that we will follow Jesus in the ups and downs of our lives. Jesus called us to follow him, then he taught us how to do that.


February 16 - The Blessed Life

February 23 - The Enemies

March 1 - The Judges

March 8 - The Trees

March 15 - The Builders

week 1: The blessed life

February 17, 2020

week 2: The enemies

february 23, 2020

week 3: the judges

march 1, 2020

week 4: the trees

March 8, 2020

Week 5: The Builders

March 15, 2020