Who do you find it hardest to talk to about Jesus? Sometimes the answer to that question might surprise us. For many Christians today, it is hard to share the gospel with people that are opposed to our way of thinking. This is not a new sensation. Jonah was called to his enemies. After receiving that call, mistakes were made. The book of Jonah is a great study in what not to do when going and sharing the gospel to all people.  

Sermons in the Series:
July 4 - Running
July 11 - Stubbornness
July 18 - Repentance
July 25 - Negativity

Week 1 - running

july 4, 2021

Week 2 - Stubbornness

July 11, 2021

Week 3 - repentance

july 18, 2021

Week 4 - Negativity

July 25, 2021