The Problem of God

The presiding worldview of North America is decidedly post-Christian. It is dominated by secularism, science, and an intensely privatized spirituality. As with every dominating worldview, it impacts the way that we evaluate competing truth claims. We all start out with a set of presuppositions and paradigms that we assume to be fact based, but we seldom test it. In this series, we will examine some of the problems

that secularism has with Christianity and seek to challenge those issues to provide a biblical worldview.

Sermons in the Series:

September 20 - The Problem of the Bible

September 27 - The Problem of God's Existence

October 4 - The Problem of Hypocrisy and Exclusivity

October 11 - The Problem of Hell

October 18 - The Problem of Jesus & the Christ Myth

Week 1 - The Problem of the Bible

September 20, 2020

Week 2 - THe Problem of God's existence

September 27, 2020

Week 3 - the problem of hypocrisy

October 4, 2020

Week 4 - the Problem of hell

october 11, 2020

Week 5 - the Problem of jesus

october 18, 2020